Delivering beauty

Altegra is a Swiss Private Company
developing and manufacturing high quality

injectable products on the base of hyaluronic acid.

Injectable medical remedies with the hyaluronic acid is a treatment method which improves skin’s elasticity, smoothing of superficial lines and helps the skin to revitalize and rejuvenate itself.

It can be applied to :
    * face
    * neck
    * decollete
    * hands
    * shoulders

    * Instant and lasting effect
    * High density provides a good filling ability, optimum flexibility to model and maintain the natural appearance of the skin
    * Ease of administration, homogeneity and softness make it easy to control the dosage and do not cause discomfort during the procedure

    * Non-allergenic, does not require an allergy test before prescribing treatment
    * Minimal chance of side effects and inflammatory reactions due to our unique technology, treatment, removal of oxygen and sterilization
    * Stability and controllability during the entire procedure

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